Over time I have discovered that, Business call VALUE ETTIQUETTE is essential for business and in career.

In business or career, whether you are making a business call or receiving a Business Call, everything matters; they all have financial value in the long run. Every business call is a point of Selling and Value Exchange, There is a target and bills are running towards a target, this is why you also must position with your Business Value etiquette.

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11/11/2021 15:30

Eight (8) Simple Ways To Handle A Business Call And Turn It Into A Profitable Business Transaction..

1. Be Clear About What You Want, Establish Clarity of the Call: Know why you are calling or why the caller is calling. Get the details; always keep a jotter when receiving a call to keep track of the caller's Name, Time, and Message. Get the value specification and the income possibility message. Please write it down, you may have so much to store in your head for the day. It makes it easy to ACT on or to pass on should the process be continued or concluded by another team member.

2. Mannerism Matters: Get the Appeal, Be Magnetic. If you don’t Connect, You Can’t Collect. In person, show up irresistible, look the path, keep your brain swift on win-win, and be armed with answers and doubt eraser questions. Over the phone, Don't chew, type or converse while receiving a call. Many people lose their manners because they feel they can't see the person. Your respect quotient is higher when you are invisible than when you are visible. Voice tone, facial displeasure, and attitude disposition can be perceived on phone.

3. . LISTEN, Don't interrupt a caller. Listening patiently has financial worth. Don't jump in; listen to understand not respond. Listening is to read body language, raise the perception of confidence and identify where the pain is and what prescription of value your caller is seeking. Listening helps you position your words and answers to align to and equally confirm what you understood not assumed in their expression. If you listen wrongly, you will miss the message or deliver on assumption. That's delicate for you.

4. Be Business-Minded and Results Oriented. Treat the caller like you are in a meeting. The business call is formal. Money is involved. Be brilliant on the benefits of the basic to your call or the caller. Competently handle the call as formal/ Business minded. In person, be present and patient. Over the phone, Visualize the conversation as a meeting.

5. Demonstrate Some Poise! Grow your perceptual Value. Show up with all that is required to close the sale and sign the deal. Over the phone; Turn down any background noise when putting a call through. It shows how organized you are. Believe it, being poised points to income possibilities.

6. Be Concise. Brevity Counts. In Business, Time is superior to Money. In-person, make it short enough to deliver value and long enough to cover the subject. Over the phone, Be mindful of time when taking or making a call. Don’t stretch the conversation to a bore. It shouldn’t be too extensive. You are either increasing costs or reducing income. In business calls, Be strategically economic. Make it profitably commercial. It can be interesting to talk longer and outside the business when it is not your money being burnt.

7. Honor Your Promise, Do return calls when you say you will. Business calls are negotiation points, keeping your own side of the value makes you increase your credibility and reliability. That will also create Repeat Business and referrals for you. Via phone, your caller would be expecting a return call. Decisions may be hanging on that return call. Your business reputation is also under assessment.

8. Patience is Profitable; don’t be in a hurry to end the call. Make the Meeting the focus, Concentrate on the conversation. Patiently connect to convert the conversation positively. Don’t be shabby with words and too quick to respond without reasoning about how you would deliver the promise. Over the phone, the customer may be far and not visible but your conduct has PALPABLE VALUE that can condition if they will patronize you or refer your service for a BIGGER WIN. Many people loose deals from the phone. Don't be the next victim. The Next time you Make or pick up a Business call, let us know you are in business or business minded. Did you get any value? Which are you guilty of and which has worked for you at any time? What other additions could add to the list?

Julius Afolabi
Value Improvement Strategist.

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